About Tim

Tim is a typical guy in his 20’s, who tries and fails to grapple with the looming realities of the adult world. Whilst at university, he studied International Relations, volunteered on community projects and started a charity in his spare time.

Since graduating, he spent a year working in the UK charity sector, before combining his work experience, life experience and university knowledge to create a business doing what he loves – solving problems and finding solutions.

He satisfies his ego and need for constant attention by writing articles on LinkedIn, posting cooking photos on Instagram, and writing his podcast: Tim Quit His Job.

NGO Elevator

Tim created The NGO Elevator so that he could tackle the complex challenges non-profit organisations face – and get paid whilst doing it. Starting out as a side project to make money on top of his old job, Tim has managed to turn it into a sustainable business and a recognised brand that has clients in the UK and East Africa. The NGO Elevator helps non-profits and non-governmental organisations find funding, organise projects and plan for the future

Henri Victorious

Henri is the magic touch behind the scenes. A full-time music producer and sound wizard, he makes Tim’s voice more bearable, adds in the sound effects, and layers down some of his original music over the top.

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