Season 2 Episode 4

Me and my girlfriend, Yazmin, sit down to discuss what it’s like being black in the UK. Answering questions that most white people often feel too shy to ask, or just don’t think about entirely.

Ultimately, our aim was to help clear the fog of confusion that exists between most white people and black people in this country.

People often conflate racism with hatred. But that’s often not the case. It’s rarely the case.

Instead, our tendency towards racism comes not from hate, but from ignorance. We are ignorant to the real experiences and disadvantages faced by black people in this country,  just becuase of the colour of their skin, and our ignorance makes us complicit in this system of disadvantage. And as such, complicit in a system that is racist.

Just becuase we may be free from hate, we are likely not free from ignorance. And who came blame us, have you seen the UK curriculum? And then compared it to the real history of the UK over the last 400 years?

Who are we to know that we are complicit in the extension of a racist system who’s roots stretch back to the enlightenment era?

The thing is, it’s on us to seek out the conversations and experiences that can help shed light on the lingering realities of racism in this country.

But if you don’t have any black friends that you can actually ask about this stuff, then hopefully this podcast episode will give you the lowdown until that time comes.

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