Season 1 Episode 6


They say a healthy man wants a thousand things, but a sick man only wants one.

The statement is a testament to our tendency to take things for granted, to not realise how lucky we are, nor show gratitude. In our current insulated lives, we are shielded from much of the fear, violence and hardship that plagues so much of the world. In this padded environment, we often let small inconveniences feel like massive hardships. Without the serious challenges that people living in other parts of the world have to face, we grow soft, and become fixated on things that don’t really matter. We let these small things become major barriers in our lives, that stop us from taking calculated risks and pursuing what’s genuinely important to us.

You can learn a lot from someone who has experienced hardships you could never imagine, especially when that individual seems to retain an attitude more positive than your own, despite their difficult experiences. One such individual is my friend and business partner – Aden Mohamed.

We met in our first year of university, both of us studying International Relations. He had come to England on a UN resettlement programme after spending over 20 years living in a refugee camp in the Kenyan desert. Fleeing the outbreak of civil war in Somalia in the early 90s, he and his family travelled by donkey cart to the Kenyan border, where they found a small degree of sanctuary for a few years, before moving on to the largest refugee camp to have ever existed – Dadaab.

This is episode 6 of Tim Quit His Job. The show that follows me on my adventures into the wilderness as I quit my job, start a business and try and make it on my own. It’s a show for people who like to do things differently. For people who believe there is more to life than the 9-5. I’m not a guru, not an expert, not a preacher – and I don’t try to be. I’m Just a regular guy with a microphone trying to document my journey, share what I’m learning and be honest about my experiences.  The podcast is produced, edited and instrumentalised by up and coming hip hop producer – Henri Victorious. **** In this episode, I interview my first ever guest on the show – former refugee Aden Mohamed. We talk about his life story, about overcoming hardship, maintaining optimism & patience – all things that I’ve found to be incredibly important traits to posses when heading out into the world on your own. If there was ever a story that makes you realise that you should be more grateful of your own opportunities – it’s Aden’s. Enjoy the episode.

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