Season 1 Episode 1


I’ve always wanted to tell stories. Wanted to hold court and speak to the world.

I used to imagine myself talking to large crowds, the audience hanging onto my every breath. My words carrying great meaning and significance. Speaking the truth and having something to say. Maybe something defiant, bold and brave.

As I’ve grown up, the crowds haven’t materialised and more importantly, I could never find much to say. Then I found podcasting. A platform literally built for people for people who have nothing to say! And a door appeared. A door into a world where people armed merely with a microphone and a wifi connection can actually speak to the world – propelling their voice across the seas with the help of the internet and the share button.
As someone who is keen on opening doors, at least just a crack, to see what’s inside, I’ve decided to step boldly into this unknown world. And it couldn’t have come at a better time as now, perhaps, I might actually have something interesting to say…

The internet is currently flooded, filled to the brim, with an inescapable tirade of inspirational quoting, virtual signalling, entrepreneurial, self-improving, self-promoting, best-life-living, $1-a-click gurus. Who espouse their enviable lifestyles and suck us in with an endless slew of content that makes us feel as though we are on the journey with them. Even though we remain glued to the drudgery of our everyday lives.

So what do I have to say? Hopefully something different to these gurus…

2 months ago, I decided to stop watching their videos and reading their motivational quotes, and do it for myself. To venture bravely and foolishly into the void. I decided to quit my job.

Why the hell did I do this? What on earth am I gonna do now? What are my plans, my fears my future possibilities? Why am I making the whole thing harder by starting a podcast at seemingly the worst, most stressful time?

Keep listening, and you’ll find out.

On this podcast, I will be telling my story, real time, as it unfolds, of my adventures into the world of, self-fulfilment, self-discovery and self-employment. Join me as I document, with brutal, unflinching honesty, the ups and downs of my experience, the wins and the woes, the failures and the funny side, the lessons and the learning curves.

For this venture, I’m teaming up with one of my best mates and music producer exrraodinarie, Henri Victorious Lanson, who will help me record and produce these episodes, as well writing new instrumentals and pieces of music to act as the backing track to my life.

It’s the adventures of Tim, mixed down to the eclectic sounds of Henri Victorious – you’re in for a treat.



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