Season 1 Episode 7


We are living through some difficult and confusing times right now. I think that’s fair to say.

But if you were used to living through difficult times, if adversity was a central theme in your life, do you think that you would be better able to handle the current situation? Would you be more likely to stay calm, more likely to avoid following the masses in panicked hysteria, more likely to look beyond the ‘every man for himself’ attitude, and instead focus on helping others?

I think so, and my interview for this week’s podcast certainly cemented that opinion. For this episode, and only my second interview, I spoke with Paul Carter: one of the most inspiring people I have ever met, and someone who’s been one of my best friends since our very first day in student accommodation, over 4 years ago. Paul, much like Aden my last guest, has experienced a life filled with hardships that many of us cannot fathom, facing years of abuse and struggle as a child in the UK care system. As an adult, Paul has come full circle and turned his efforts towards helping children who are growing up facing the same challenges that he did, by becoming a social worker and supporting young people facing abuse and neglect. Although we are on different paths, as well are, I find his thoughts, opinions and experiences are of immense value to me. Despite living very different lives, there are philosophies and outlooks that we clearly both share, and difficult challenges we both face.

This is episode 7 of Tim Quit His Job. The show that follows me on my adventures into the unknown as I quit my job, start a business and try and live life on my own terms. It’s a show for people who like to do things differently. For people who believe there is more to life than the 9-5. I’m not a guru, not an expert, not a preacher – and I don’t try to be. I’m Just a regular guy with a microphone, trying to document my journey, share what I’m learning and be honest about my experiences.  The podcast is produced, edited and instrumentalised by the man, the myth, the legend – Henri Victorious. Check him out on Spotify or Soundcloud. As we are in lockdown, I’m going to try and stop making excuses, and start getting one episode out each week. It won’t be easy, but I feel like it’ll be a good way to make the most of our current situation. I certainly can’t write a whole episode a week, but I plan on doing many more interviews with interesting and inspiring individuals, so please reach out to me if you know someone who would make a good guest on the show. Hit me up on Instagram, linkedin or on In this interview, Paul and I talk about his crazy experience of getting kicked out of his house during the first week of lockdown, his thoughts on how the lockdown is affecting children at risk of domestic abuse, how his tough upbringing helps him deal with adversity and how he struggles to find a balance between planning for the future and living in the present.
It’s a fairly short conversation, we dive right in and get straight to the point, and I think there’s certainly a lot that can be taken away from it. Enjoy.


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